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LyricSong TitleYear
'Come on along, come on along, let me take you by the hand'1911
'I miss the rooster, the one that used to wake me up at 4am'1914
'I'll amputate his reveille and step upon it heavily'1918
'Not so far from here, there's a very lively atmosphere'1920
'With a great big valise full of books to read where it's peaceful'1924
'How many hands have you held all alone? How many lips have you pressed to your own?'1926
'Never saw the sun shining so bright, never saw things going so right'1927
'If you're blue and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits?'1928
'Chopin and pale moonlight reveal all your charms'1931
'Maybe if I loved you less, maybe you would love me more'1933
LyricSong TitleYear
'By the Adriatic waters, Venetian sons and daughter are strumming a new tune upon their guitars'1935
'This year's new romance doesn't seem to have a chance'1937
'The tall man with the high hat and the whiskers on his chin will soon be knocking at your door and you oughta be in'1941
'May your days be merry and bright'1942
'Got no mansion, got no yacht, still I'm happy with what I've got'1946
'There'll be smooth sailing 'cos I'm trimming my sails'1947
'You heart goes pitter-patter. I know just what's the matter'1950
'Yes, the further I fly, the closer you're by my side'1957
'Cash, not any, not one red penny, but kisses many for you'1962
'A big reception at the Waldorf with champagne and caviar'1966

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