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What amino sequence is on escaped molecules?
What is glycosylation critical for?
What are the two layers of the coated vesicles?
How are components transported from the RER to the cis-Golgi?
Which lipids are completed in the Golgi complex?
Vesicles bud from what part of the RER?
What is used to make phospholipids?
What G protein is involved in formation of COPII vesicles?
Where are oligosaccharides produced? Using what molecules
What does VTC stand for?
What does ERGIC stand for?
Which Golgi network is the sorting station?
What molecules inspect the polypeptide when being modified?
Where are lipids and proteins formed?
How are phospholipids transported?
What do ribosomes in the cytoplasm produce?
What class of enzyme adds sugars to proteins and lipids?
What do glycosyltransferases do?
The RER is continuous with what structure?
What G protein is involved in formation of COPI vesicles?
What holds the Golgi complex in place?

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