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Can you name the characters and events of darksiders 2?

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Who is the Main Character?One of the Four Horsemen
What is his Overall Goal?Involves another Horseman
What is he trying to do?Opposite of what comes to mind
Name the first realm you enter_______Lands
What beings make their home there?synonym to creator
What does the protagonist receive?a weapon found in today's world
Character's favorite weapon?think about it...
Name of the character's horse?goes with the protagonist's name
The name of the angelic worldN/A
The name of the demonic worldThink samael
What race is the Protagonist part of?A mix of Demons and Angles
What character helps you often?See him early in the game
What is your bird's name?Ash to Ash, ____ to ____
What is the extra arena called?also the name of a book
what is the final bosses' name?a representation of something you see EVERYWHERE
What is the second piece of equipment you receive? ______grip
What dead royal figure aids you?A king
Name one of the protagonist's nicknamesN/A
What is the name of the arena linked to the main story_____ arena
What begins with war...a trailer saying

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