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Can you pick the Dead Harry potter Characters?

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noneCharactersExtra Info.
 Ghost Professor
 Gryffindor Boy
 DADA Teacher no.4
 Harry's owl
 Friend of James, Sirius and Lupin
 Author of A History of Magic
 Head of Slytherin
 Woman at Ministry for magic
 Headmaster at Krum's school
 Eldest Weasley child
 Hargid's dangerous pet (died in 6th book)
 Annoying Ghost
 Daughter of Helena
 Headmaster of Hogwarts
 :'( House Elf
 'The Dark Lord'
 Dean's Dad
 Dumbledore's old friend
 Goblin a Gingotts
 Harry's friend in GOF
noneCharactersExtra Info.
 That mean Minister for Magic
 Sister of Dumbledore
 Harry's Godfather
 Harry's dad
 Professor who got his face burned - that he shared with voldemort
 Wife of Lupin
 Loyal Death Eater
 Friend of James Potter
 Founders of Deathly Hallows
 Ghost of Slytherin
 Ghost of Gryffindor
 Harry's mum
 Twin of George Weasley
 David Tennant's Dad
 Tonks's dad
 Founder of Philosophers Stone
 Friend of Malfoy's
 Mother of Dumbledore
 Ex girlfriend of Ron Weasley

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