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reppin district 12/the girl who was on fire/always hits the eye
'cousin' of Katniss/seam grey eyes and hot body/now in district 2
loverboy with bread/good with knife and lifting weight/dude where is my leg?
roses smell like blood/ frozen precipitation/ I run this ****, yo.
has two sides to her/underground rebel leader/just as bad as snow
killing kids is fun/best job ever. known by my beard/hung or ate nightlock
cool gold eyeliner/I will set them on fire/ I actually care
we will be on time/ that is mahogany, bitch/ manners matter
my trident is huge/good thing we're allies/want a sugar cube?
won by deception/ clothing is overrated/ I hate being a tree
poor mad girl back home/hostage of the capitol/cover your ears and eyes
blonde hair and blue eyes/ first name drawn at reaping/ doctor in thirteen
in the hunger games/district with agriculture/cover with flowers
tick tock tick tock tick/ skilled with technology/ nuts and volts- is nuts.
capitol traitor/ dead ringer for Delly C./ Katniss was last hope
mentor and drunk man/ here's some advice, stay alive/ out smarted them all
the mayor's daughter/ her aunt wore the pin as well/ play the piano
trades at the hob/ wild dog is delicious/ in the soup it's beef
humongous tribute/ you better run now fire girl/ rock as a weapon
drugs are awesome/ took monkey mutt for Peeta/ oh! pretty colors
knocks Peeta out/ don't trust them. kill Peeta/ legs were blown off
I heart knives/ we killed your ally rue/ district 2 career
I interview you/ blue hair and make up for games/ handsome lad like you?
I speak Spanish, k?/ she volunteers for Annie/ sacrifices self
my teeth are lethal/ taste your own medicine/ hates Johanna
look at my fly watch/ secretly for rebellion/ replace seneca
'not much but from home'/ helped to save nuts and volts/ death made Wiress snap
from merchant quarter/does not look like an avox/Peeta's childhood friend
fled from district 8/ stole peacekeeper uniform/ died in wilds
on katniss' prep team/ stayed strong before the quell/ aqua spiked hair

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