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Can you name each country when given the leaders in 1950?

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Mohammad Reza PahlaviShah
William McKellGovernor General
Juan Jose ArevaloPresident
Josip Broz TitoCommunist Party Leader/Prime Minister
Bao DaiHead of State/Prime Minister
Karl RennerPresident
Juan Manuel GalvezPresident
Li Zongren (1949-50), Chiang Kai-shek (1950-75)President
Theodor HeussPresident
Yumjaagiin TsedenbalCommunist Party Leader
Jigme WangchuckKing
Kim Il-SungCommunist Party Leader/Prime Minister
Charlotte Grand Duchess
Gabriel Gonzalez VidelaPresident
C RajagopalachariGovernor General
Harold AlexanderGovernor General
Etter, Celio, von Steiger, Kobelt, Nobs, Petitpierre, Rubattel, EscherFederal Council
Arnulfo AriasPresident
Mariano Ospina Perez (1946-50), Laureano Gomez (1950-51)President
Gideon Brand van ZylGovernor General
Dumarsais Estime (1946-50), Franck Lavaud (1950), Paul Magloire (1950-56)President
Luigi EinaudiPresident
Khawaja NazimuddinGovernor General
Galo PlazaPresident
Ahmad bin YahyaKing
Sean T. O'KellyPresident
Ismet Inonu (1938-50), Celal Bayar (1950-60)President
Mohammed Zahir ShahKing
Faisal IIKing
Otilio Ulate BlancoPresident
Bhumibol AdulyadejKing
Francisco FrancoHead of State/Prime Minister
Federico ChavezPresident
Abdullah IKing
Harry S. TrumanPresident
Vincent AuriolPresident
Matyas RakosiCommunist Party Leader
Ho Chi MinhPresident/Premier
Carlos Prio SocarrasPresident
Mao ZedongCommunist Party Leader/Head of State
Joseph StalinCommunist Party Leader/Premier
Wilhelm Pieck and Otto Grotewohl, Walter UlbrichtCommunist Party Leader (1946-50)/President and Premier, Communist Party Leader (1950-71)
Mamerto UrriolagoitiaPresident
Oscar OsorioPresident
Leopold IIIKing
Manuel A. Odria (1948-56), Zenon Noriega Aguero (1950)President
Juho Kusti PaasikiviPresident
Vulko ChervenkovCommunist Party Leader/Premier
William TubmanPresident
Pope Pius XIISovereign
Miguel Aleman ValdesPresident
Said Bin TaimurSultan
Sir Bernard FreybergGovernor General
Eurico Gaspar DutraPresident
Ibn SaudKing
Rafael TrujilloPresident
Enver HoxhaCommunist Party Leader/Premier
Elpidio QuirinoPresident
Hashim al-AtassiHead of State
Chaim WeizmannPresident
Herwald RamsbothamGovernor General
Haakon VIIKing
Farouk IKing
Sveinn BjornssonPresident
Oscar CarmonaPresident
Victor Manuel Roman y Reyes (1947-50), Manuel Fernando Zurita (1950), Anastasio Somoza Garcia (1950-56)President
Gustaf V (1907-50), Gustaf VI Adolf (1950-73)King
Tribhuvan (1911-50), Gyanendra (1950-51)King
Sao Shwe ThaikPresident
Juan PeronPresident
Bechara El KhouryPresident
Syngman RheePresident
Haile SelassieEmperor
George VIKing
Rainier IIISovereign Prince
Boleslaw BierutCommunist Party Leader/President
Gheorghe Gheorghiu-DejCommunist Party Leader
Vincenzo Pedini and Agostino Biordi (1949-50), Giuseppe Forcellini and Primo Taddei (1950), Marino Della Balda and Luigi Montironi (1950-51)Captains Regent
Carlos Delgado Chalbaud (1948-50), German Suarez Flamerich (1950-52)Head of State
Luis Batlle BerresPresident
Vincent Auriol, Ramon Iglesias i NavarriFrench Co-Prince, Episcopal Co-Prince
Frederick IXKing
Klement GottwaldCommunist Party Leader/President
Franz Joseph IIPrince Regnant

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