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Vine phrase
Whaddup I'm Jared, I'm 19, and I never **** ______
Ahh stop! I coulda ______ my croissant!
What the _________ Kyle?
What the hell ______?
What the **** _________?
I'm so sorry, I think your ______ may be having my second son
Alright and are you part of our super saver ____ club? OH.
___, I gotta tell you something. I got an abortion!
Do you ever like wake up and like do something and you're like what the ______ is going on?
I thought you were bae. Turns out you're just _____
Road work ahead? Uh, yeah... __________!
Stop saying I look like _______
When your dog eats- Dick Cheney _________________.
Shower time, adderall, a glass of whiskey, and __________.
Okay that is it! Time out! Get on top of ________!
Today we will be performing 'Two Guys Bonding Over Their Zodiac Signs and also A Brief Synopsis of The Fault in Our Stars' Cancer? ________.
Hi my name's Derek, welcome to_____. Let me guess, pizza?
I saw you hangin' out with Kaitlyn yesterday! Rebecca, it's _____________! I won't hesitate bitch!
Vine phrase
Dude I thought you could do a kick-flip! _______
What do I think about _______? People come from different places and wow that really makes you think.
A nice typical _______ dinner. AHHH!
On all levels except ______, I am a wolf.
Did you wash the dishes? I thought ________? Ha ha ha. You were wrong.
Can I get a cup of coffee- Black. Can't you see we're talking- ______.
Oh my god, he on ______ mode.
So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my _______ on my birthday with a birthday gift
AND STEP ON IT! I'm gonna need ______ sir. THERE'S NO TIME!
Look at this _____.
We all die, you either _________.
When there's drama at school, all you gotta do is ________.
I want a _____ that go to church and read ur bible.
I love working here, we all have a lot of _______! **** off Janet I'm not going to your **** baby shower.
There is only one thing worse than a ______. Boom- A CHILD. noooo
How do you know what's good for me? THATS MY _______.
I'm Ronasha Blitz, and I'm your _______ dance teacher.
_________, you've got a big storm coming.

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