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Organic Reactant and ConditionsReagentMechanism
CH3CHO - warm, Iodoform reaction!!!Oxidation -> CHI3 & HCOOH
CH2CH2Oxidation -> CH2OHCH2OH
CH3COClHydrolysis -> CH3COOH
CH3CH2OH - Heat Under RefluxNucleophilicSub -> CH3CH2Br
CH3COOHAcid/Base -> CH3COONa
CH3CH2OH - Heat Under Reflux, conc H2SO4Esterification -> CH3COOCH2CH3
CH2CH2 - Ni Catalyst, HeatReduction -> CH3CH3
CH3COOCH2CH3 - Heat Under RefluxHydrolysis -> CH3CH2OH & CH3COO-
CH3CH2NH2Acid/Base -> CH3CH2NH3+
CH3CH2Cl - Heat Under Reflux, (aq)NucleophilicSub -> CH3CH2OH
CH3CH2OHNucleophilicSub -> CH3CH2Cl
CH3COOHNucleophilicSub -> CH3COCl
CH3CH2OH - WarmNucleophilicSub -> CH3CH2I
CH2CH2ElectrophilicAdd -> CH3CH2Cl
CH2CH2ElectrophilicAdd -> CH2BrCH2Br
CH3COOH - conc H2SO4 Heat Under RefluxEsterification -> CH3COOCH2CH3
CH3CH2OHAcid/Base -> CH3CH2ONa
CH3COOCH2CH3 - Heat Under RefluxHydrolysis -> CH3CH2OH & CH3COOH
Organic Reactant and ConditionsReagentMechanism
CH3CN - Heat Under RefluxHydrolysis -> CH3COOH
CH3COOH - dry diethyl ether, HUR then HCL(aq)Reduction -> CH3CH2OH
CH3CHO - conc HCL, donotpushhereCondensation -> C6H3(NO2)2NHN=CHCH3
CH3CHO - Acidic conditions (HCl+KCN)NucleophilicAdd -> CH3CHOHCN
CH3CH2Cl - Heat Under Reflux, (eth)Elimination -> CH2CH2
CH3CH2Cl - Heat in Sealed Tube, (eth)NucleophilicSub -> CH3CH2NH2
CH3CHO - In dry diehtyl etherReduction -> CH3CH2OH
CH3CHO - Heat Under RefluxOxidation -> CH3COOH
CH3CH2OH - Distill ProductOxidation -> CH3CHO
CH3CH2NH2Ion Formation -> Cu(CH3CH2NH2)42+
CH3COClEsterification -> CH3COOCH2CH3
CH3CH2NH2ElectrophilicSub -> CH3CONHCH2CH3
CH3CH2OH - Heat Under RefluxOxidation -> CH3COOH
CH3CH2NH2Acid/Base -> CH3CH2NH3+
CH3CH3 - UV LightFreeRadicalSub -> CH3CH2Cl
CH3COClNucleophilicSub -> CH3CONH2
CH3COClNucleophilicSub -> CH3CONHCH2CH3

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