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Homologous SeriesReagentTest Result
Alcoholfruity smell
Alkene (C=C)orange to colourless
Carboxylic Acidsteamy white fumes (damp litmus paper blue to red)
Aldehydeorange to green
AldehydeBlue Cu2+ to red/brown Cu1+
Haloalkanein(aq) product (HNO3) forms white precipitate with AgNO3
Aminebubbles, lit splint pops
Aldehyde/Ketoneorange crystalline precipitate with different melting points
Homologous SeriesReagentTest Result
Aldehydelines reaction vessel with silver
Aminelight blue to dark blue
Alkenepurple to colourless
Primary Alcoholorange to green
Methyl Carbonyl (iodoform reaction)yellow precipitate with antiseptic smell
Alcoholsteamy white fumes (damp litmus paper blue to red)
Carboxylic Acidbubbles, turns lime water milky
Carboxylic Acidfruity smell

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