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Ahhh...I'm on it, get on it, The troops are on fire! You know I need it, much closer, I'm trading just a little more
Feels like I'm lost in a moment, I'm always losing to win, Can't get away from the moment,Seems like it's time to begin
It's getting hotter, now I'm spitting out lava, I'm the Spaniard in the works, jerks, genuine stock,Hear that bomb going tick, tick, tock
Too much information, well I said you're good for nothing, come on to the back said your needles count for something
Cos I am taking back what's mine, I am taking back the time, you may call it suicide, but I'm being born again, I'm waiting!
John was a scientist, he was hooked on LSD, interested in mind control, and how the monkey held the key
You come to take me away, Like a little white rabbit from yesterday, Little things said, said and done, I should have shot myself on the run
I break bones stealing mobile phones, and I'm cutting deals for these homeless meals, making idle threats using chinese burns, as you load my head with the grateful dead, singing
You can't miss me, I'm still alive, Snake skin shoes, I'm pleading homicide,Come on and feel this, I'm still alive, Joker meet you on the other side
What do we become trying to kill each other? You're faking it son, gonna get you tonight,I suck another breath to the hearts of the revolution,Because you still ain't right
Burn my sweet effigy I’m a road runner, Spill my guts on a wheel I wanna taste, ah huh
I'm feeling, feeling good, I'm waving to the prisonersm And there is one minute, a minute a mile, I'm f***ing in the alleyways, you know my style
One...take control of me? Your're messing with the enemy, said it's's another trick, messing with my mind I wake up
The truth us they never had no future, they never had no past, I was alone, I was alone again
And hey oh, where did it go? When did we lose our sight? And its a nice show, once we perform, All in a day and night
Coco believe me, I'm a lonesome man, I wanna get stoned and trip some wires, I wanna get myself underground

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