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Name an anti-IgE humanized monoclonal antibody injected subcutaneously once or twice a month to control severe asthma and allergiesEvidence of increased risk of MI and CHF? Currently under investigation
Albuterol agonizes this kind of receptor to help stop an acute asthma attackIt's adrenergic
Name a phosphodiesterase inhibitor used to treat asthmaInhibits PDE4
Under what circumstances would you give a 2-week course of Prednisone?What event would be resolved before you start the drug?
Name one of the two inhaled drugs on the list that can be added as part of Step 2 for treating asthma--
Name the long-acting version of the drug in a rescue inhaler that simply binds with such great affinity that it sticks around for 12 hoursThis drug should only be given in combination with another drug
Name the long-acting version of the drug in a rescue inhaler that has a molecular tether to an additional binding site to keep the drug around for 12 hoursThis drug should only be given in combination with another drug
Name an alpha 1 receptor agonist that is available both orally and as a nasal spray despite being shown to raise blood pressure in oral formOral form created as an answer to the behind-the-counter-only rules for the crystal meth precursor
Name an antihistamine that is not sedating and is unable to cross the blood-brain barrierNo muscarinic antagonist activity - doesn't stop the runny nose!
HintAnswerExtra Hint
Step 2 for the treatment of asthma includes adding an inhaled type of this medicationPatient adherence to this class of drug is very low
Give a trade name for a combination of two drugs that can be used as a long-acting asthma prophylactic or a COPD prophylacticAdrenergic agonist + inhibitor of mast cell mediator synthesis
What kind of drug is tiotropium?Best prophylaxis for COPD
Give a trade name of a drug that combines a fast-acting adrenergic agonist with a muscarinic receptor antagonist for extended bronchidilationAlso used for acute bronchoconstriction in COPD
The type of inhaled drug added to a rescue inhaler in Step 2 of asthma treatment synergizes with the rescue inhaler by doing thisThis same phenomenon happens in other systems when you deplete a ligand
Name a drug that works better for chronic allergies than for asthma, but is sometimes preferred by patients because oral regimens are easierCysLT1 receptor antagonist
Name the alpha 1 receptor agonist and NE releasing drug that can be taken orally without causing elevated systemic blood pressureUnder tight legal regulation - this is the starting product for making crystal meth
Name an alpha 1 receptor agonist that is only available as a nasal sprayNot yet available orally
Name the drug that the side effects of the phosphodiesterase inhibitor used to treat asthma mimicMost people use this drug daily

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