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Can you name the people by the place and date they died?

Quiz Updated Mar 28, 2012

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Warm Springs, Georgia12 April 1945
St. Helena5 May 1821
c. Eastern Chinac. 210 BC
Charlottesville, Virginia4 July 1826
c. Puerto Rico31 December 1972
Calvary, Judea, Roman Empirec. 30 AD
Lima, Peru26 June 1541
Berlin, Germany30 April 1945
Cebu, Philippines27 April 1521
Rouen, England (present day France)30 May 1431
Tokyo, Japan7 January 1989
Beijing, China9 September 1976
Washington, DC, USA15 April 1865
Babylon10 or 11 June 323 BC
Kadhimiya, Iraq30 December 2006
Guinea Station, Virginia10 May 1863
New Delhi, India30 January 1948
Paris, France28 July 1794
New York, New York12 July 1804
c. Persia465 BC

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