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Campaign (CoD4)
This one-armed man launches two ICBM's at the United States. 
This FNG comes back in MW2 as both a non-playable and playable character. 
In this country, Khaled Al-Asad is captured and killed. 
This 'Good Russian' helps the SAS recover their informant. 
This leader of Sgt. Paul Jackson's team is killed along with everyone in the area by a nuke. 
Under the command of Captain MacMillan, you take the arm off an arms dealer (haha, ironic) in this city. 
This non-playable character admires your fruit-killing skills. 
This party wants a new revolution in Russia. 
'ON YOUR FEET SOLDIER! WE ARE LEAVING....' a ship in this sea. 
This man sung the 'Deep and 'Hard' rap in the credits. 
Campaign (CoDMW2)
Pvt. Joseph Allen gets recruited to go undercover while serving in this country. 
The name Allen uses when he is in the CIA. 
This man, characterized by his unique face mask, sounds an awful lot like a player in the last game. 
Task Force 141 travels to a Gulag to recover this person 
The Russian who led the massacre at the Moscow Airport 
Sgt. Foley and his men defend this city. 
Evil General who WAS the leader of Task Force 141 
Task Force 141 disable SAM sites at this structure, while rescuing hostages. 
Sgt. Foley's team crash lands near this building before being EMP'd. 
Da. He knows a place. 
Colloquial Term for an M203 Launcher. 
Call of Duty 4's smallest map, good for racking up kills in domination or headquarters. 
Death streak in which you can copy your killer's class. 
Map in Brazil in MW2... For the love of God, don't drop your care package on the highway. 
15 Kill Streak that disables the enemy's electronics. 
Semi-automatic assault rifle. 
When you hear the tick, you better run. 
Perk/Deathstreak in which you drop a live grenade when you die. 
'Securing A!' 
Only assault rifle in CoD4 which is from World War II. 

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