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Can you name the facts about Andy Bernard from The Office (US)?

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He graduated from this college.
At Stamford, Jim places Andy's _____ in Jell-O.
Andy threatens to kill Jim 'for real' after playing this game.
As a kid, instead of taking golf lessons, he hangs out with this club.
In college, he was a part of this A Capella group.
For his ringtone, he recorded himself singing all four parts of this song.
Dwight convinced him to sell this car to him.
After returning from anger management, he requests people call him this name.
His name was this until age 6.
His SAT Score
While necking with Angela, she repeatedly says this.
Dwight wants Andy to buy this for Michael's demonstration of depression.
He discovered that the Sabre printers did this.
In the season 3 finale, he called Jim, instead of Big Tuna, this.
After an unfortunate series of events with the previous gift, Andy hires _________ to perform for Erin.
The title of Andy's song to roast Michael
Andy pins Dwight to the fence with this car.
Andy's original weapon of choice to face Dwight
'We didn't do anything illegal... Except ________________ with her friends.'
Angela agrees to go out with him after he gives her a ____.

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