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Questions of BusinessAnswers
Business owned by 1 person
Business owned by 2 person
Business owned by alot people
Group of workers
Type of bank owned by the people that use that bank
Coorporations worldwide
At least 1 partner is not active in the daily running of the business
All partners are responsible for the mangement and financial obligations of a business
Community and Civic Orginization
Producers working together and buyinn in bulk
Credit Union
Example of a labor union
Questions of BusinessAnswers
Example of Professional Assiciation
Industries representing a certain type of business
Govt document that gives permission to create a coorporation
Written promise to repay the amount of money borrowed at a later date
Amount borrowed
Price paid to use another person's money
Stock shares sold to investers
Ownership certificates in a firm
Joining of businesses that make the same product
Joining of businesses that relate to a product
4 or more businesses that make completely different products
Stock of goods held to reserve

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