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When is Sarah's Birthday?
What is Sarah's middle name?
What is Sarah's Mom's name?
What is Sarah's Boss' name at MB Real Estate?
What was Sarah's first car?
Where did Sarah study abroad?
What was Sarah's dog's name?
What is Sarah's future dog's name?
What instrument did Sarah play in band?
What is Sarah's favorite chocolate from the Peanut/Candy Store?
If pressed, what is Sarah's favorite movie?
Where was Sarah working when she met Rob?
What was the first beer Rob bought Sarah?
Where was Sarah & Robs first double date?
What was the first band that we saw together?
What was on the pillow case Sarah bought Rob?
What restaurant did we stop at on the way to the corn maze in wisconsin?
What color was Sarah's dress the first night we kissed?
What did Rob get on Pocket's futon?
Where did Rob first go skiing?
What size shoe does Sarah typically wear?
What color are Sarah's sheets?
What is on Sarah's bed spread?
What does LS stand for?
'Robbie I feel ________'

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