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What is Nintendo's current generation console?
What is the best-selling NES game?
What is Nintendo's equivalent to Skylanders?
Name one character in the original Super Smash Bros who didn't appear on the Nintendo 64.
What company created Goldeneye 007 and Donkey Kong 64?
Who composed the Super Mario Bros overworld theme?
How many Pokemon are in Generation 1?
Name one Nintendo game that was a 3DS launch title in North America.
What is the spiritual successer to Kirby's Epic Yarn?
When was Nintendo founded?
Who is the COO of Nintendo of America?
What was the first game Ganondorf appear in?
Who created Kirby?
Where is Nintendo headquarters located?
Which MLB team does Nintendo of America partly own?
How many non-DLC third-party characters are there in the Super Smash Bros series?
Which character is known for the Falcon Punch?
What game was Super Mario Bros 2 based on?
What system was Xenoblade Chronicles on?
What is Link's horse's name?
What was the first 3D Metroid game?
What Mario game is based on Tetris?
Who is the female Ice Climber?
What group is the bad guys in Donkey Kong Country?
Who was the third member of the original Star Fox team after James McCloud and Peppy Hare?
What is the name of Meta Knight's ship?
Bub and Bob are characters from what game?
What is the time traveling song in The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?
Who is Samus' nemesis?
What is the Temporal Pokemon?
What character was the first proposed for Peach's doubles partner in Mario Tennis?
Who was the fourth president of Nintendo
What was Mario's first occupation?
Where is the Star Rod supposed to be in Kirby's Adventure?
What was Marill originally known as to fans?
Who says 'I fight for my friends.'?
How many sports are in Wii Sports?
What color is Captain Toad?
Who is Zelda's alter ego in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker?
Who is the main villain in Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix?
What is the NES called in Japan?
What color did Shigeru Miyamoto want Kirby to be?
What does R.O.B. stand for?
Where is Goldenrod City?
Who is the last member of the DK Crew in DK Rap in Donkey Kong 64?
What was Princess Peach's original name?
What year did Metroid come out in?
What are Dr Mario, Roy, and Falco considered in Super Smash Bros Melee?
What was the latest Mario Party game Donkey Kong was playable in?
What does Link turn into when he goes to the Dark World in The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past?

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