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49ers WR with most TD receptions in a season
Former Chargers, Lions and Army Head Coach
Broke Ray Fosse's collar bone in an All Star game
What the Rangers did in last year's World Series
Winning pitcher in deciding game of ALDS, ALCS and World Series in 2004
'Mr. Hockey'
US Women's Soccer Goalie: ________ Solo
Great blocking tight end for the Bucs and Broncos (1997-2005): Patrick __________
A's coach and former Twin and Dodger: Chip ________
2-time Pro Bowl Defensive Back, 2004 1st Round Pick
2010 NCAA All-American Basketball Player
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist/avid baseball writer
7-time NBA All-Star from Duke, #3 pick of 1994 NBA Draft
#5 Pick in the 1990 NBA out of Illinois, 15 year NBA vet
NASCAR'S 'Awesome _______ From Dawsonville'
Saved 42 games for the Padres in 2009
Boxing champ's reward
2008 Summer Olympics hero
Raymond Berry or Marvin Harrison
First name of 2008 World Series MVP
Jeter, Posada, Rivera & Pettitte ' _______ Four'
Golf's warning for the foursome ahead
Company who owns the Detroit Lions' home stadium
Half of the Chiefs dominating backfield with Okoye: Barry ________
Rodman's nickname
Rams QB of the 50s: ______ Van Brocklin
Horse racing entries are often kept track of on this
MLBs minor leagues 'Sent to the _____'
'Stuttering John' on Howard Stern once asked Ted Williams if he ever did this in the catcher's face
7th MLB Commissioner was known as this; a shortened version of his middle name
Once retired 41 batters in a row for the Giants in 1972
QB who was #1 pick of the 2002 NFL Draft
NASCAR's flipping Edwards
Stan the Man was one
Heisman Trophy winner who played for the Knicks

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