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Can you name the athletes who died between 2000 -2009?

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HintPlayerDeath Date
40-9 career record as a boxer. Died in Brazil under questionable circumstancesJuly 11, 2009
Pro Bowl offensive lineman who died at practice of heat stroke.August 1, 2001
22 year old rookie pitcher died in a car accident just hours after starting a game.April 9, 2009
NFL cornerback shot to death on New Year's DayJanuary 1, 2007
St. John's basketball star. 1st round NBA pick and 8 year NBA veteran died in a car accident.May 20, 2000
The IntimidatorFebruary 18, 2001
Legendary golfer who dominated golf from the late 1930s to the1950s. 7 time major championMay 23, 2002
Winning QB in 1958's 'Greatest Game Ever Played'September 11, 2002
MLB owner banned from baseball from 1996-1998 for Nazi sympathizing quotes.March 2, 2004
Red Sox and NBC Sports broadcaster. Called 13 World Series, 9 Super Bowls and 24 Final Fours.February 20,2006
An original big man, dominated pro basketball in the 1940's and 50's. June 1, 2005
University of Michigan football coach for 20 yearsNovember 17, 2006
WWE superstar linked to murder-suicide. Two time world heavyweight championJune 24, 2007
1976 AL Rookie of the Year. One of the most coloful characters to pitch in MLB.April 13, 2009
Redskins popular Pro Bowl safety. #5 pick of the 2004 NFL DraftNovember 27,2007
All Star pitcher was first active player to die in-season since Thurman MunsonJune 22, 2002
NFL/Army heroApril 22, 2004
Wide Receiver arrested for DUI, drugs and assault at different times in his career.December 17, 2009
The last hitter to bat .400 in a seasonJuly 5, 2002
Longtim NBA announcer credited for inventing the phrases 'air ball' and 'slam dunk'August 5, 2002
Designer of NFL's West Coast OffenseJuly 30, 2007
Promising lefty pitcher struck in the face with a line drive in 1957. Never the same after it.November 11, 2008
NHL Hall of Fame Goalie, played over 20 years with the Rangers, Canadiens and North Stars winning 335 games.January 26, 2007
Chiefs Super Bowl head coach and NFL Films favoriteJuly 4, 2005
Claimed to pitch a no-hitter on LSDDecember 19, 2008
HintPlayerDeath Date
Coached the Cowboys to 20 straight winning seasonsFebruary 12, 2000
German boxing heavyweight champion who feuded with Joe Louis in the 1930sFebruary 2, 2005
First black MLB player in the American LeagueJune 18, 2003
NL MVP/Steroid AbuserOctober 10, 2004
Detroit Lions Hall of Fame defensive back intercepted a record 14 passes as a rookie in 1952January 9, 2002
Minor league baseball first base coach killed while coaching by a line drive to his head.July 22, 2007
10 time All Star, 4 time World Series Champ for the Cardinals. Nicknamed 'Country'August 12, 2002
Yankee pitcher crashed his plane into a NYC skyscraperOctober 11, 2006
Rams owner who moved team to St. Louis and guided them to 1999 Super BowlJanuary 18, 2008
Along with his brother Phil, most pitching wins of any brother combination. October 27, 2006
Charter member of Pro Football Hall of Fame. Redskins QBDecember 17, 2008
Won over 400 games over 56 years as a college football coachApril 3, 2007
MLB All Star reliever also known for living in a mobile home in a minor league parking lot while trying to make a comebackJune 23, 2007
'Ya gotta believe!'January 6, 2004
'Boom Boom' scored 393 goals mostly for the Canadiens during the 1950's and 60's.March 11, 2006
The Minister of DefenseDecember 26, 2004
'The Rocket' won 8 Stanely Cups and scored 544 career goals.May 27, 2000
2 time boxing heavyweight champ, including youngest ever to win it. Fought Liston, Ali and many others in the 50's and 60's.May 11, 2006
Controversial and mostly unpopular Commissioner of MLBMarch 15, 2005
Guard on the great Celtics teams of the 80's.February 22, 2007
NC State Women's Basketball Coach. 1998 Gold Medal US Olympic CoachJanuary 24, 2009
'The Scooter.' Popular baseball announcer/MLB Hall of FamerAugust 17, 2007
NFL QB and 9 term US CongressmanMay 2, 2009
1987 and 1991 World Series Hero. MLB Hall of FamerMarch 6, 2006
NFL Hall of Fame linebacker for the Chiefs. Car accident.February 8, 2000

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