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U2 frontman
Cyprus Hill's 'Hits from the ______'
Alternate title to Billy Joel's 'Movin' Out': 'Anthony's ______'
Neil Diamond's 'Songs ______ Blue'
Jethro Tull sang of an Aqua one
Claude Debussy's piano masterpiece: 'Clair de ______'
Broadway song and dance man: Tommy _______
First name of the rapper who likes to do the wild thing.
Neil Young's 'Needle and the Damage _______'
Prince doesn't like when this bird cries
Beyonce was crazy in this
'(I Don't Want to ______) Your Love Tonight,' 80s song by The Outfield
Weezer's 'Dope _______'
Harold Melvin had 4 blue ones (answer=singular)
West Coast rapper ______ Dogg
What the Chipmunks don't want Christmas to be.
'Penny _____ is in my ears and in my eyes'
KD of 'Constant Craving' fame
Wu-_____ Clan
_______ Tings of 'That's Not My Name' fame
Sting is the '_____ of Pain'
Ray Davies is one
Harry Connick sang about a _____ and a smile in Sleepless in Seattle
UB40 sang about red, red ________
'The Macarena' is accompanied by this type of dance
What you put in the coconut according to Harry Nilsson
What Pink Floyd said is ticking away
'The ____ is High': Blondie
'Slow ____': Foghat

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