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Can you name the Movies that Most Frequently Use the 'F' Word?

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Year ReleasedMovieTimes 'F--K' was Used
2005 (Documentary)824
1999 (John Leguizamo)435
1997 (Ray Winstone)428
1995 (Robert DeNiro)398
2007 (Justin Timberlake)367
1997 (Rhys Ifans)318
2006 (Paul Walker)315
1990 (Robert DeNiro)300
2002 (Jason Patric)297
2006 (Christian Bale)296
Year ReleasedMovieTimes 'F--K' was Used
2001 (Vince Vaughn)291
1998 (James Woods)291
2008 (Edward Norton)291
2005 (Cuba Gooding Jr.)280
2005 (Jake Gyllenhall)278
2001 (Brad Renfro)274
2005 (Beanie Sigal)271
1992 (Harvey Keitel)269
1994 (John Travolta)265
1998 (Jeff Bridges)260

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