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Name one of the five main characters (first and last name)?Easy
What does Barney always ask Ted to do before they go somewhere?Easy
In Season One, who was Ted's main relationship with?Easy
How many seasons of the show have their been so far?Easy
What is Barney's last name?Easy
Name one of Barney's three long term girlfriends?Easy
How many children does Ted have in the future?Easy
What is the name of the bar beneath Ted's apartment?Easy
What prop from Star Wars is in Barney's apartment? Easy
In which country was Robin born?Easy
What state is Marshall from?Easy
Legen...wait for it...?Easy
Where was Victoria's fellowship?Easy
What does Barney have to wear for a year after he loses a bet with Marshall and Lily?Easy
What type of animal was Scooby like?Easy
What is the name of Barney's dad?Easy
What relation did Barney think the previous answer was to him?Easy
What is the technique that Barney, Ted, Lily and Don all use to try and get a woman/man into bed?Easy
What job does Lily's doppelganger have?Easy
What is the name of the rule that Barney invented where you leave date if you don't like him/her? Easy
What is Quinn's fake name she uses at the strip club she works at?Medium
Where does Barney keep his porn stash in his apartment?Medium
What have both Lily and Barney been arrested for?Medium
What food does Lily love and Marshall hate that helped make them a good couple?Medium
When Barney holds up a sign at the Superbowl game, it says CBS. What does this stand for?Medium
What is the name of the bar that Lily goes to with her Woo Girl friends in one episode?Medium
Name one of the actors that plays one of the five main characters (first and last name)?Medium
What does Marshall accidentally hurt Lily with in 'The Duel'?Medium
What is the name of Marshall's Dad?Medium
What is the name of the Canadian bar that Marshall introduces to Robin?Medium
What state is Lily from?Medium
What is Ted's home town?Medium
What is the solution to success on the Drunk Train?Medium
In what other country has Blahblah sold her handbags?Medium
What is the name of the waitress that Barney went out with at the pub beneath Ted's apartment?Medium
What is the name of the bartender at the pub beneath Ted's apartment that Ted got in a fight with?Medium
What did Marshall learn to make in the summer the Lily left him?Medium
Where was Lily's art fellowship?Medium
By looking into what body part can men tell that a woman is crazy?Medium
For roughly how long were Ted and Robin together?Medium
According to Barney, what two things are responsible for the huge line of men outside the bar one night?Hard
What colour is the bus that sits behind Ted's children in the lounge?Hard
How many cups of mayonnaise is Lily required to add to the Eriksen's secret recipe salad?Hard
What is the name of Victoria's fiancé?Hard
On what animal does Lily practise getting Scooter of her hook on?Hard
Until what time is the pub beneath Ted's apartment open till?Hard
What quote of Albert Einstein is Barney's favourite?Hard
On Robin's breakfast show when she interviews the man with the doll collection, with which other fictional character did he catch one of the dolls with?Hard
When Marshall answers Lily's questions about working at GNB in 'Natural History', Marshall replies with the word yepstra...?Hard
What was wrong with the hats that Doug made for the New Year's Eve party?Hard
What is the name of Ted's religious cousin?Hard
Where in the Natural History Museum does Zoey bug Ted? Hard
What may GNB have released into the Arcadian to try and get the residents to leave?Hard
What part of the country are Kevin and Robin in when Kevin proposes?Hard
Who does Ted introduce Robin to at the party he throws when he was trying to get together with her?Hard
What is the name of Lily's doppelganger?Hard
In the episode 'Canning Randy', what is Ted dressed up as at the beginning?Hard
What is the name of the girl that Barney sent a videotape to asking for her to come back to him?Hard
Where were Barney and the previous answer going to go to when they joined the Peace Corps?Hard
What is it called when in Marshgammon you roll an even number next to the Peppermint Forest?Hard
On what street does Robin report the story about the child who got stuck in the claw machine?Impossible

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