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Which Friends character mimes the words to the theme tune?
What is a 'Joey Special'?
In his pick-up story, where did Joey go backpacking?
Who does Monica date in the first episode?
Referring to the previous answer, what does Monica break that belongs to him?
Why does 'Fun Bobby' not become fun?
What is the name of Phoebe's twin sister?
What is the name of Phoebe's mother?
What does Ursula's date come dressed as to the Halloween party?
In what city does Ross meet Julie?
What city does Joey suggest Pete should buy?
How many states does Joey name in Chandler's State Quiz?
During the blackout, who does Chandler get trapped with?
What is Phoebe's mother's favourite colour?
How many episodes of Friends are there?
Where does David move to?
Name the actor who plays David?
Where do Chandler and Monica move to?
What do you call the middle slice of Monica's sandwich?
Why does Ross get fired from the museum?
When Joey works as a waiter for Monica, how much money did he have in his right hand?
Who did Rachel sleep with in highschool?
According to Joey, what is a moo point?
Who plays Emily?
What is Ross' monkey called?
What zoo did Marcel go to?
Who did Phoebe say Ben resembled after he was born?
What sport does Ross do to impress Emily?
Name the two things that Rachel gives to Joey when she tries to get her to move out?
What mugger is Ross warned to avoid by Phoebe?

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