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Can you name the Famous people (real or fictional) whose first and last name have the same number of letters?

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Sulton of Swat
Luckiest Beatle
Great Emancipator
Fictional Chocolatier
Pioneered the Drip Method
New teen male hairstyle fad
'God bless us, every one.' (Author)
Bought the farm at Little Bighorn
Started out as an Italian plumber, got famous as a technological sensation
Home Run 'King'
Starred on 'The Amanda Show,' and its spinoff
Celebrity Author, wrote 'In Cold Blood'
Inventor of Communism
King of Pop
One-earred painter
Sees the world in one day every year (think red and white)
Close to becoming the first female President of the United States
Wrote 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking'
Disgraced baseball star wrote 'My Prison Without Bars'
Three names, actually (classical musician)
Britain's 'Iron Lady'
First Apostle, first Pope
New York filmmaker and clarinetist
Spielberg's cutest creation
Yankee switch-hitting slugger
Movie Star Humanitarian and father of many
Faded Pop Sensation (Can she 'Climb' her way back to stardom?)
Et tu, Sporcle?
Gidget, flying nun, Forrest Gump's mom
Johnny Depp's love
Russian mass murdurer

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