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QUIZ: Can you name the MLB Teams by their homemade nickname, and/or funky clue?

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Nickname or Clue
Baby jungle dwellers.
They've played in heaven (or so I've heard)
They claim to be patriotic, but this team just doesn't deserve a nickname.
Not whites, not blues, but...
Blue and black birds.
Young female horses.
Probably the team that trains the most in the off-season.
They've played on the moon (or so I've heard)
Come on, there's way more than two of them!
Named after their league/annoying bugs.
Santa's footwear.
Water criminals.
Nickname or Clue
The sun's helpers.
Red and yellow birds.
They'll always avoid you.
Kings o the jungle (or at least they should be).
Cowboys' counterparts.
An army on six legs.
Beer manufacturers.
Jewels on their rear ends.
Native American tribe.
Mountain dwellers.
You can get them dirty in ten minutes.
Beautiful sea creatures.
Native Americans? Asians? Hmmm...
Black and orange birds.

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