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important stuff in the french revolution
representatives from the three orders of french society made up this
The clergy in France made up this
Deputies of the Third Estate met on June 20, 1789 and commited themelves to continue to meet until they established a new constitution for France, at this event.
A vast panic that spread like wildfire through France between July 20 and August 6,
on June 17, 1789: Third Estate voted to constitute itself a _______
produced in July, 1790 : bishops and priests of the Catholic church were to be elected by the people and paid by the state
political club, offered more radical solution to problems; elites of local societies, artisans, tradespeople
primarily the provinces; feared the radical mobs in Paris and were disposed to keep the king alive as a hedge against future eventualities
ordinary patriots without fine clothes
led the Paris Commune
a revolutionary device for the quick and efficient separation of heads from bodies
leader of the Committee of Public Safety during the Reign of
9 months: 16,000 killed
Parisian mob of 8,000 people in search of weapons streamed toward the
lif, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
1781: British army of General Cornwallis was forced to surrender to a combined American and French army and French fleet under George Washington
ten amendments ratified by the states
returned to France with ideas of individual liberties, notions of republicanism and popular sovereignty
owned around 25-30% of the land around 350,000 people
France's chief tax
peasants: 75-80% of the population
merchants, industrialists, bankers who control the resources of trade, manufacturing, finance
responsible for registering royal decrees, thirteen of these law courts could block royal edicts by not registering them
third estate want to vote this way
issued a pamphlet: “What is the Third Estate? Everything. What has it been thus far in the political order? Nothing. What does it demand? To become something.”
affirmed the destruction of aristocratic privileges by proclaiming an end to exemptions from taxation, freedom, equal rights for all men, access to public office based on talent
“women do not aspire to exercise political rights and functions” was said by____
August 27, 1791: Emperor Leopold II of Austria and King Frederick William II of Prussia issue this
led by the new minister of justice, Georges Danton
began in 1792; called to draft a new constitution but also acted as the sovereign ruling body
peasants who revolted against the new military draft
established price controls on goods declared of first necessity, from food and drink to fuel and clothing
in Paris, the cathedral of Notre-Dame was designated the _______
a son of African slaves who seized control of all of Hispaniola by 1801
after the execution of Robespierre, the revolutionary fever gave way to this
the Council of Elders elected 5 directors from a list presented by the Council of 500 to act as the executive authority otherwise known as the ______
sneered: “What is the French Revolution? An open war between patricians and plebeians, between rich and poor.”
“Son of the Revolution”
Napoleon was the First
1801: deal between Napoleon and Pope Pius VII that reestablished Catholicism as “the majority”
Napoleon's code of laws; Code Napoleon
a prominent writer who refused to accept Napoleon's growing despotism
June 1812: 600,000 men → entered Russia. These troops are called ______
Napoleon allowed to play ruler here while the Bourbon dynasty was restored … he goes back
the allies exile napoleon to _______

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