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What is Rosas biggest secret?
Where is the vulture from?
What does Boyle love to blog about?
Whats the name of Jakes favorite pizzeria?
Why do all the cops hate Jakes girlfriend?
Whats the name of the drug Rosa is after?
What is Jeffords former nickname?
Who is Jake the god father of?
Why did jake join the force?
What is special about Holt being a captain?
How many drinks has gina seen amy drink?
What is Holts nephews name?
Who is Holts biggest enemy?
Who did Amy make a scrapbook for?
What game is named after a character??
Who on the force is good at drawing?
What does Scully use instead of a bandaid?
What is Amys last name?
Have Amy and jake kissed?
Which 2 characters use '100 push ups' (only first names)?

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