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How many watches does Chad wear in HSM 1?
How far away is Berkley from Stanford?
When is the first time Troy and Gabriella kiss?
Who plays Taylor in the series?
Who sang as Troy in HSM 1?
What is the extra song on the HSM 1 soundtrack called?
What did Troy do to Chad in detention in HSM 1?
What was the name of the old lifeguard at the country club?
What is the name of the country club?
What new job did Troy get in HSM 2?
What was the name of the princess in Humuhumunukunukuapua'a?
What did Ryan do with his tiki warrior outfit?
What did Taylor say the first time Chad askedcher to prom?
Who gets into Julliard?
Who goes to the University of Albequeque?
What are all three of Gabriella's solo songs about?
Why did the movie writers have Ryan ask Kelsi to prom in HSM 3?
How does HSM 3 end?
Who goes onstage instead of Troy and Gabriella during the senior spring musical?
What is Rocketman's real name?
What is Rocketman's best friend's name?

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