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Can you name the famous animals from cartoons, films and games?

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MouseSteam boat willy
RabbitHe's a wabbit
SquirrelHe has bad fur
Bear and birdNot always a bear, not always a bird, all they need is Mojo
Cat and mouseThe mouse wins, always
CatLives in an alleyway, but it doesn't cramp his style
Squirrel and mooseOne can fly, the other can stupid
DogWe've got some work to do now
MouseHis nemesis is Baron Greenback
BearEnjoys picnics
BatMy wings are like a shield of steel!
GorillaSteals princess, throws barrels
DinosaurHis metabolism is very closely linked to his repoduction system
CaterpillarHis metabolism is very good
BearGets stuck in holes, loses dignity
RabbitGets stuck in fences, loses buttons.
DinosaurHis best friend is a cowboy
ElephantHe hears a who
Monkeyhis best friend wears a yellow hat
RabbitBut who killed him?
BearLikes marmalade

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