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Who said this
C'mon, you're going out with the guy! There's gotta be something wrong with him!
No!! Okay?! Why does everyone keep fixating on that? She didn't know, how should I know?
No, yeah, no, ok, but not yet. I don't wanna seem too eager. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi. That seems pretty cool.
We don't speak. She's like this high-powered, driven career type.
And you've got lenses! But you hate sticking your finger in your eye!
Me? I'm fine, fine. I'm glad you're here. ...What's with your hair?
So does he have a hump? A hump and a hairpiece?
Yeah, you have homosexual hair.
Uh, in the future, if I could see the schedule beforehand...
Ooh, this is a Dear Diary moment
You’re into hardcore S&M right?
Wait, you're not 'G.Stephanopoulos'? Man, my dad's gonna kill me!
Really?! Well, that’s just lovely, isn’t it? I must’ve missed your call, even though I didn’t leave the flat all day.
I think it's time to kick you in the nuts and see which is worse!
Yeah, but if you spent it, it would be like shopping!
Who said this
You're right. She probably will support me. Hey, unless we move in with you, dad?
Huh. Well, I’m supposed to be working at the restaurant tonight. I’m supposed to be working right now, so who cares.
So I think Alan will become the yardstick against which all future boyfriends will be measured.
You know what else? He's unbelievable in bed
Ah, you... have the sex?
Yeah, I’m riding the alimony pony.
People ask me why we’re not together, I just don’t know what to tell them.
That’s not even a word! I can get this! I can get this!
No, he was this creepy guy from high school who had this huge crush on
But I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do... Ah, it's not true, there is... nothing I want to do.
Oh, he’s fine. He’s fine. It’s just that us getting along is difficult for him, because he doesn’t like me.
Well, let's see... uh... I know that she has a meeting with her lawyer and then she has to make a very big poop. Why?
Umm, I'm sorry Judy, I couldn't find that bowl that you and Jack were looking for.
Ok, you're being wierd. Do you want sex or did you do something bad?
That's funny, because you know, you are a huge crapweasel!

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