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Can you name the closest country in area to each of the United States and Washington, D.C.?

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StateCountryArea of State, Continent of Country
Alabama52,419 sq. mi., Europe
Alaska663,267 sq. mi., Africa
Arizona113,998 sq. mi., Europe
Arkansas53,179 sq. mi., Asia
California163,696 sq. mi., Asia
Colorado104,094 sq. mi., Oceania
Connecticut5,543 sq. mi., North America
Delaware2,489 sq. mi., Asia
Florida65,755 sq. mi., South America
Georgia59,425 sq. mi., Asia
Hawai'i10,931 sq. mi., Africa
Idaho83,570 sq. mi., South America
Illinois57,914 sq. mi., Asia
Indiana36,418 sq. mi., Europe
Iowa56,272 sq. mi., Asia
Kansas82,277 sq. mi., South America
Kentucky40,409 sq. mi., Europe
Louisiana51,840 sq. mi., Europe
Maine35,385 sq. mi., Europe
Maryland12,407 sq. mi., Europe
Massachusetts10,555 sq. mi., North America
Michigan96,716 sq. mi., Africa
Minnesota86,939 sq. mi., South America
Mississippi48,430 sq. mi., Asia
Missouri69,704 sq. mi., Asia
Montana147,042 sq. mi., Asia
StateCountryArea of State, Continent of Country
Nebraska77,354 sq. mi., Asia
Nevada110,561 sq. mi., Africa
New Hampshire9,350 sq. mi., Africa
New Jersey8,721 sq. mi., North America
New Mexico121,589 sq. mi., Europe
New York54,556 sq. mi., Asia
North Carolina53,819 sq. mi., Asia
North Dakota70,700 sq. mi., Asia
Ohio44,825 sq. mi., Africa
Oklahoma69,898 sq. mi., Asia
Oregon98,381 sq. mi., South America
Pennsylvania46,055 sq. mi., Africa
Rhode Island1,545 sq. mi., Africa
South Carolina32,020 sq. mi., Asia
South Dakota77,116 sq. mi., Asia
Tennessee42,143 sq. mi., North America
Texas268,581 sq. mi., Asia
Utah84,899 sq. mi., South America
Vermont9,614 sq. mi., Europe
Virginia42,774 sq. mi., Europe
Washington71,300 sq. mi., Asia
West Virginia24,230 sq. mi., Europe
Wisconsin65,498 sq. mi., South America
Wyoming97,814 sq. mi., South America
Washington, D.C.68 sq. mi., Oceania

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