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Where the FRIENDS spend a lot of time - Central ~~~~
New York's green space Central ~~~~
Noise clunckers makes
The shop pottery ~~~~ Phoebe hates
Ben, Emma, Jack and Erica were all ~~~~ during the 10 seasons
First four letters of the girl that shaved her head whilst staying with the friends at the beach house
Australian Company Billa-~~~~
Chandlers surname
Ben says this a lot after Monica hits his head on the wall - 'Monica ~~~~'
Past tense: 'Phoebe ~~~~ for you' or 'the doorbell ~~~~'
Ross felt a ~~~~ of guilt for cheating on Julie with Rachel
Several scenes consist of the FRIENDS looking through the window ~~~~s to look at ungly naked guy
What Phoebe has when she runs
Monica suggests this to Central Perk after the several hour game of throw and catch
Nickname of Ross' girlfriend and Monica's bestie
Monica's boyfriend Pete was ~~~~
First four letters of Richards daughters name
First four letters of a drink Gunther might serve
Chandler does this to everybody on a daily basis
First four letters of what animal Marcel was
Ross' girlfriend he met at Monica and Chandler's wedding
They live in a monastry
Programme hosted by Dara O'Brien '~~~~ The Week'
The red item of clothing that turned all Rachel's things pink
The Duck was ~~~~ because it ate Rachel's face cream
Another word for basin
Phoebe believes her Grandmother went to hell for her ~~~~
Another word for can. Phoebe: 'Don't you hate it when you have to cut your aluminium cans using a regular knife?'
HINTFour Letter Answer
Joanna ~~~~ up Chandler in her office
Due to Monica, Chandler is missing one of his ~~~~
Name of bar in The Simpsons
Hugsy was ~~~~. nickname for answer below
Italian FRIEND
Another word meaning Rachel was anxious to go to Paris
50 Shades protagonist Christian ~~~~
To do with the brain. ~~~~ Matter.
If Ross and Monica were practicing Jew's, they would ~~~~
The FRIENDS ~~~~ Football on one Thanksgiving
More child friendly 'Buffet the vampire ~~~~er'
Monica wants 'Jessica' to do this to her
What Joey uses on his @ss last, and Chandler uses on his face first
Joey auditions for a commercial for this, but keeps messing up his line beccause he practiced with Tomato
Phoebe's songs are full of
Smelly Cat smelt ~~~~
Joey could be seen as this many a time.
Joey doesn't share this
Dr Greene is not ~~~~ of Ross
Rachel and Ben form a ~~~~ when she looks after him and teaches him practical jokes
Ross breaks several of these, including his nose and thumb
Monica has a ~~~~ of voice that you do not want to mess with
Name of the character Joey plays in his WWI film
Units of weight
Rachel suggests a coin ~~~~ to decide who stayed at Monicas after the fire
Mr Zelner is Rachel's ~~~~
Monica's older brother - ~~~~ Geller

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