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QUIZ: Can you name the Magical Creatures in Harry Potter?

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Type of creatureNameAny extension of name
CentaurCarries off Umbridge when she attacks Magorian
CentaurDivination teacher
CentaurLeader of the centaurs
CentaurFriendly centaur
House-ElfFormerly in servitude to the Malfoy's
House-ElfBound to serve Hepzibah Smith
House-ElfServes Black/Potter family
House-ElfWorked for the Crouch Family
GiantLiked eating bone bread and was killed by a boy called Jack
GiantOne eyed giant killed by Odysseus and sheep
GiantMother of Hagrid
GiantKilled Karkus and favoured the Death Eaters
GiantSlain by a young boy with a sling shot
GiantHagrid's half-brother
GiantKilled by Gifford Ollerton
GiantGurg of the giants killed by Golgomath
GiantBrother of the King of Ireland
GoblinTrys to sell vials of sweat to a dumgbomb manufacturer
GoblinSpokegoblin of the Brotherhood of Goblins
GoblinFirst goblin to serve Harry Potter in Gringotts
GoblinGoblin representative at Wizard's Council
GoblinWent into hiding with Griphook to aviod the Death Eaters
GoblinFounder of the bank
GoblinAssisted Harry into Bellatrix's vault
Type of creatureNameAny extension of name
GoblinTried to squash three wizards
GoblinFirst goblin to die at the hands of an untrained security troll
GobinAuthor of Little People, Big Plans
GoblinGoblin King accused Godric Gryffindor of stealing his sword
GoblinNotorious Goblin confidence trickster
GoblinRebel leader
GoblinDiscovered at death to be a renegade house-elf
HagWrote a letter the the Daily Prophet
HagRussian hag who ate children for breakfast
HagHag representative at Wizard's Council
HagCaused princess to prick finger on a spindle
HagFed step-daughter a poised apple
HagLured animals into her home and starved them to death
VampireAuthor of 'A Vampire's Monologue'
VampireSings to his victims before biting them
VampireInspiration of Count Dracula
VampireBathes in her victims blood
VampireHeartthrob singer
VampireAttended Slughorn's Christmas Party with Eldred Worple
VampirePreyed on women in London and killed by a special squad for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
AcromantulaHagrids large spider
Pygmy PuffGinny's pigmy puff
Bansheethe Banshee
FruitbatBallycastle Bats mascot
Type of creatureNameAny extension of name
HippogriffHagrid's/Sirius' hippogriff
RabbitLavender's rabbit
Part Kneazle, part CatHermione's cat
OwlWeasley's owl
BoarhoundHagrid's dog
PhoenixDumbledore's phoenix
Three-headed dogHagrid's dog
OwlHarry's owl
OwlPercy's owl
Acromantulawife of other Acromantula
Part Kneazle, part CatMrs Figg's cat
Part Kneazle, Part CatMrs Figg's cat
Part Kneazle, part CatFilch's Cat
SnakeVoldemort's snake
Norwegian Ridgeback DragonHagrid's dragon
OwlRon's owl
BulldogMarge's dog
RatRon's rat
Part Kneazle, part CatMrs Figg's Cat
PhoenixMoutohora Macaws team mascot
ThestralHagrid's favourite
ToadNeville's pet
Part Kneazle, part CatMrs Figg's cat

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