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What film/programme do these characters belong to? Harry Potter (HP), Grey's Anatomy (GA) or Friends (F)

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Forced Order
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Miranda Bailey
Neville Longbottom
Vernon Dursley
Helena Ravenclaw
Phoebe Buffay
Sloan Riley
Dean Thomas
Fleur Delacour
Hannah Abbott
Adele Webber
Estelle Leonard
Jo Wilson
Barry Finkle/Farber
Susan Bunch
George O'Malley
Elizabeth Hornswaggle
Katie Bell
Alex Karev
Sirius Black
Blaise Zabini
Marvolo Gaunt
Richard Burke
Ross Geller
Heather Brooks
Charlie Wheeler
Chandler Bing
Derek Shepherd
Cristina Yang
Denny Duquette
Joey Tribbiani

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