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Machine used for slicing slides
Has a crank, sharp knife, vice, etc... 
Basic Cell Types
Cells without boundary for genetic material 
Membrance encloses genetic material 
Light Microscope
dimensional units 
Resolving Power (RP) 
Electron Microscope
dimensional units 
Resolving Power (RP) 
Membrane layers (#)
First description of cell membrane 
Actual number of layers 
Phospholipid structure
Inorganic Element found in head 
Other component of head 
Tail made of 
polar portion 
nonpolar portion 
Particles that cannot penetrate bilayer 
Singer and Nicholson Membrane Theory 
Membrane Bound Structures
1 - Across Membrane 
1a) moves Na+ out of cell 
1b) channels 
1c) reacts to ligands (consist of glycoproteins/glycolipids) 
1d) attached to cytoskeletal filaments 
2a) Carbohydrates attach to phospholipids, forming:___ 
2b) Carbohydrates attach to proteins, forming:___ 
2c) Covers outside, common in microvilli and bacteria 
3 - Loosely bound to membrane surface 
4 - Common in Lipid Rafts, reduce fluidity 
Cytoskeleton - Category
Cytoskeleton - Microfilaments
____ makes up microfilaments 
type of [above answer] (monomer/subunit) 
second type of [above answer] (polymer of monomers) 
type of filamentous actin (muscle cells) 
type of filamentous actin (non-muscle) 
type of filamentous actin (non-muscle) 
Diameter of microfilaments 
Number of actin binding proteins 
Actin and its binding proteins
are found (inside/outside) of cell? (choose one)) 
1) Functional relationship for movement 
binding protein 
2) Funtional relationship under cell membrane 
binding protein - forms stiff gel, foundation for membrane  
binding protein - cleaves actin and binds ends, liquify gel, cell changes shape 
3) Alters length (and therefore surface area/absorbing & secreting ability), found in cell processes:microvilli 
binding protein - attaches along sides 
binding protein - tip of microvilli 
Cytoskeleton - Extracellular Associations
Spot where cell attaches to its external environment 
Structural glycoprotein (extracellular) which binds to... 
this Structural protein which attaches to... 
which attaches to... 
which attaches to... 
this, inside the cell 
Cytoskeleton - Intermediate Filaments
Homogeneous or Heterogeneous? 
Major Function 
Solid or Hollow? 
How many units around core? 
1 - Type of Intermediate Filament, found in skin, hair, & nails 
1a) epithelial cells [type of keratin] 
1a) [trait] acidic/basic/neutral? 
1b) hair, nails (non-living cells) [type of keratin] 
1b) [trait] acidic/basic/neutral? 
protein found in above [1] 
which is a precursur of... 
protein that binds filaments in large bundles 
2 - Type of Intermediate Filament, found in cells arise from mesenchyme 
[2] above binds protein to ___ 
3 - Type of Intermediate Filament, found in muscle 
[3] above binds protein to ___ 
4 - Type of Intermediate Filament, found in nerve cells 
5 - Type of Intermediate Filament, specific to nervous tissue (not found in nerve cells) 
[5] above is found in this specific cell 
6 - Type of Intermediate Filament, for assembly of nuclear membrane during cell division 
Cytoskeleton - Microtubules
Solid or hollow? 
Example of cell structures 

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