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What high school is Rory accepted into??
Which actress plays Lorelai Gilmore??
What is Rorys middle name??
When does Christopher find out he's going to be a father...again??
Who is Paris' first boyfriend??
What season does Jess first appear??
What color is the new pink??
What do Lorelai and Rory pelt Jess' car with??
Who was Rory's first bf??
Why did Luke teach Lorelai how to fish in a pool??
Who is Rory with when she first meets Logan??
What college had Rory always dreamed of getting into??
What school does she actually attend??
Who did Lorelai first get engaged to??
How old was Lorelai when she got pregnant??
What did lorelai name her dog??
Who punched Christopher in the face at his apartment??
What did Rory hit in season 1 when she was late for chilton??
What color nail polish did Lorelai paint Rorys toes for the first day of chilton??
What was the nickname of the guy Lorelai dated in season 4??
Why did Rory go see Jess in New York??
What day of the week do the gilmores have their suppers together??
Who takes over paying for Yale when they inherit a large sum of money??
What are sookies kids names??
What drink does Lorelai love the most??
What did Tristan call Rory at chilton??
Who was Rorys arch nemesis in high school??
Who did Dean marry??
Who did Lane marry??
What is Richards mothers nick name??
Who ran against taylor for town selectman??
Who did Paris basically cheat on Jamie with??
What's Logans nickname for Rory??
In what season do Rory and Dean break up for good??
How many yellow daisies does Max have delivered for Lorelai??
What does Dean say to Rory in season 1 which causes them to breakup??
What were Paris' best friends names??
Where does Rory take a summer internship??
What color did Lane dye her hair??
What did Luke show Lorelai when they went out on their first date??
What is Lukes kids name??
Where do Luke,Lorelai, Logan and Rory take a vacation to??

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