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The one country in Europe no one seems to have ever heard of.
A beautiful place, sadly haunted by by flabby old perverted western men who want to do things that would get them hung in their own communities.
Beautiful country, beautiful girls, great accent, nice people, good taste, cool spots and a really bad president.
The nation that consistently battles it out with Colombia in a little game called 'Who's The World's Murder Capital?'
Where everything in this living world is made.
The hardest F&^*!@ country to infect in Pandemic II.
A country that is small and neutral.
Home of the waffle, historic castles, and beer that is often voted best on Earth.
A country that serves as the bridge between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.
Neighbour of India.
The birthplace of Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America.
A country in the Middle East that has GREAT food.
Land of weed smoking and reggae.
The land of the long last names.
A chain of 700 islands in the Caribbean Sea that was claimed for Spain in 1492, but switched back and forth between British, Spanish, and Pirate rule between 1648 and 1783, at whic
A land rich in traditions and old civilizations.
One of the few countries that admits to and repents the crimes it has committed.
A country made of islands whoes beauty is forgotten because of all the garbage, pollution, and chaos from the city.
A powerful outpost during the reigns of the Greek, Roman, and Ottoman empires. The French eventually took over.
Because of the recent economic rise from a third world country to the 10th largest economy in the world, it is often refered to as the eastern tiger.

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