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Can you name the Harry Potter actors with small roles?

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Leaky Cauldron bartender (1)
Griphook (1)
Dimpled Woman on Train (1)
Bloody Baron (1)
Fat Friar (1)
Grey Lady (1)
Fat Lady (1)
Alicia Spinnet (1)
Adrian Pucey (1)
Marcus Flint (1)
Terrence Higgs (1)
Firenze (1)
Mr. Mason (2)
Mrs. Mason (2)
Mr. Borgin (2)
Aged Witch (2)
Girl in Bookstore (2)
Short Man - Daily Prophet (2)
Angus (Diagon Boy) (2)
Mr. Granger (2)
Mrs. Granger (2)
Station Guard (2)
Marcus Flint (2)
Professor Dippet (2)
Stan Shunpike (3)
Shrunken Head (3)
Young Witch Maid (3)
Parvati Patil (3)
Lavender Brown (3)
Girl 1 (3)
Sir Cadogan (3)
Mother in Portrait (3)
Baby in Portrait (3)
Girl 2 (3)
Old Man in Portrait (3)
Ernie the Bus Driver (3)
Frank Bryce (4)
Amos Diggory (4)
Food Trolley Lady (4)
Gabrielle Delacour (4)
Karkaroff's Aide (4)
Photographer (4)
Band Lead Singer (4)
Band Lead Guitar (4)
Band Drums (4)
Band Bass Guitar (4)
Band Rhythm Guitar (4)
Band Keyboards (4)

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