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How do you document real life
Like fiction each day
Blow my mind
Eviction -- or pay
How do you write a song
Though they once sounded right and rare
Where is the power
And we're hungry and frozen
How we gonna pay
How we gonna pay
We light candles
When there's nothing to burn
How can you generate heat
And they're turning blue!
With posters
How we gonna pay
How we gonna pay
Don't screen, Maureen
Your substitute production manager
Don't change the subject Maureen
You won't throw up
The digital delay
There may have been one teeny tiny spark
How do you stay on your feet
It's trick or treat
Welcome back to town
Everything's brown
Where is he?
How we gonna pay
How we gonna pay
Alison baby you sound sad
Ever since our wedding I'm dirt They'll see
The music ignites the night with passionate fire
The narration crackles and pops with incendiary wit
Zoom in as they burn the past to the ground
Hello? Maureen?
Okay, all right, I'll go!
When it keeps finding ways to get to your heart
Till you're torn apart
How can you connect in an age
What binds the fabric together
Draw a line in the sand
Use your camera to spar
When they act tough you call their bluff
We're not gonna pay
Last year's rent
Next year's rent
We're not gonna pay rent

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