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PhylumTraitDefenition of Trait
Porifera Body Cavity
PoriferaExcurrent Vent
PoriferaMultiple Incurrent Pores
PoriferaCollar Cell, Unique in Sponges
PoriferaCells on Outer Surface of body
PoriferaMiddle Stuff
PoriferaCells capable of changing into different things
Porifera Elastastic yet tough fiber
CnidariaBody Plan
CnidariaLife stage that is attached to substrate, mouth/anus upward
CnidariaLife stage that is free-living, mouth/anus downward
CnidariaGastrovasuclar Cavity
CnidariaStinging Cell
CnidariaMiddle Jelly
PlatyhelminthesBody Plan
PlatyhelminthesBody Cavity
PlatyhelminthesBody Plan of Planarian
PhylumTraitDefenition of Trait
PlatyhelminthesBody Plan of Tapeword
PlatyhelminthesPart of Nervous System
MolluscaContains all Organs
MolluscaFolds off body, gills
MolluscaJet Propulsion
MolluscaType of Circulatroy System
MolluscaReproductive System
MolluscaUnique to Molluscs Feeding Structure
AnnelidaBody Plan
AnnelidaFilled with Fluid
AnnelidaComponent of outside skeleton
AnnelidaBristles on the ventral side
AnnelidaMuscles that are contracted to move
AnnelidaType of Circulatory System
NematodaBody Cavity
Nematodamuscular section of digestive tract
NematodaReproductive System
EchinodermataSeries of Tubes Oral and Aboral
EchinodermataMouth Side
PhylumTraitDefenition of Trait
EchniodermataAnus Side
Chordataprovides structure in early development
Chordatasiphon water out
Chordataisolated, distinct muscle groups
ChordataSupports tissues and muscles
Subphylum:CephalochordataCommon Name
Subphylum:CephalochordataMaintained Through Life (Unique)
Subphylum: Vertebrata3 types of Reproduction
Class: ChondricthyesSkeleton
Class: Actinopterygil; OsterichthyesSkeleton
Class: Actinopterygil; OsterichthyesProvides Buouncy
Class:AmphibiaAdditional Triats that differ it from Osterichthyes
Class: AmphibiaEgg With no Fluid and must be layed in water
Class:ReptiliaType of Environment
Class:ReptiliaEgg with Fluid
Class:ReptiliaEnergy and Temperature Regulation
SubClass:AvesEnergy and Temperature Regulation
SubClass:AvesAppendage that other Reptilia don't have
Class:Mammals3 Major Groups

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