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Don't Forget...MovieYear
To pretend to be crazy so you don't have to go to jail.1975
To kill Sport and save Iris. 1976
To star Bela in 'I Changed My Sex!'1994
To rectify an error caused by a fly getting jammed in a printer.1985
To kill 'Bill the Butcher' for killing your dad.2002
To work out naked to look good for Angela.1999
To create one of the most used websites ever.2010
To kill my wife and son because a ghost told me to.1980
To be accepted in the Na'Vi world and betray my people. 2009
To drink Paul's milkshake.2007
Don't Forget...MovieYear
To avoid 'The Sisters' (especially in the shower).1994
To protect John from the T-10001991
To not tell Maya that Jack is getting married.2004
To kill the impish jokester for having God-like musical talents.1984
To curb-stomp anyone if they try to steal you're truck.1998
To get some Gold-Slick Vodka for Becca.2007
To suffocate Julie for intruding into my dream.2001
To get information about a serial killer from a cannibal.1991
To get information about the 'Jedi Warriors.'2009
To get rid of all the gophers.1980

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