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What is the name of the ability to send telepathic messages to others?
What are we doing during WWII?
What is the name of this ship we are on?
What do we call this man-eating monster that terrorizes Amity?
How many spartans are there?
What is the name of the walk from the prison cell to the electric chair?
What is the direction the balloons are taking us?
What is another name for the caped crusader?
What is the name of the added ability I have to see dead people?
What is the name of holiday that I keep repeating?
What is the middle name of the impish jokester who has God-like musical talents?
What is the name of the illegal drug that got us in this mob-murder mix?
What is the name of planting an idea into someone's mind?
Can you tell me how the children are doing with their lesbian mothers?
What was the name of the place where I found out I was patient #67?
What is the name of the 'worst director of all time?'
What is the name of the fear I have of eight-legged crawlers?
What were you just asking me about a wrongfully acussed rodent?
What am I now that my plane has crashed and I am stranded on an island?
How many dolls are left on Earth?
What do people do to get back in touch with people in L.A.?
What holiday did I have to babysit and have my friends get murdered on?

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