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QUIZ: Can you name the films featuring William Holden ?

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1939Graduate Who Says 'Thank You'
1939Joe Bonaparte
1939Tim Taylor
1940George Gibbs
1940P.J. 'Petey' Simmons
1940Peter Muncie
1941Al Ludlow
1941Dan Thomas
1942Casey Kirby
1942Andrew Long
1942Michael Stewart
1943Norman Reese
1947Colin McDonald
1947Lt. William Seacroft
1948Capt. Del Stewart
1948David Harvey
1948Jason Taylor
1948Al Walker
1949Jim Dawkins
1949Dick Richmond
1949Bill Seacroft
1950Johnny Rutledge
1950Joe Gillis
1950Lt. William Calhoun
1950Paul Verrall
1951Sgt. Joe 'Pete' Peterson
1951Lt. Cmdr. Ken White
1952Boots Malone
1952Jerry McKibbon
1953Sgt. J.J. Sefton
1953Donald Gresham
1953Stanley Krown
1953Capt. Roper
1954McDonald Walling
1954David Larrabee
1954narrator in Original US Version
1954Bernie Dodd
1954Lt. Harry Brubaker
1955Mark Elliott
1955Hal Carter
1956Lt. Col. Colin Black
1956Maj. Lincoln Bond
1958Capt. David Ross
1959Maj. Henry Kendall
1960Robert Lomax
1962Father O'Banion
1962Eric Erickson
1962Robert Hayward
1964Richard Benson/Rick
1964Major Ferris
1966Alvarez Kelly
1968Lt. Col. Robert T. Frederick
1969Pike Bishop
1969Laurent Segur
1971Ross Bodine
1972John Benedict
1973Frank Harmon
1974Hal Wolkowski
1974Jim Duncan
1976Max Schumacher
1978Barry 'Dutch' Detweiler
1978Richard Thorn
1979Prisoner smoking a cigar in prison camp
1979Jim Sandell
1980Shelby Gilmore
1980Patrick Foley
1981Tim Culley

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