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1916Factory Worker
1923Domingo Escobar
1929The Fox
1930Tony Garotta
1930Cobra Collins
1930Charlie Yong
1931Little Caesar - alias 'Rico'
1931Nick 'The Barber' Venizelos
1932Wong Low Get
1932John Allen
1932Mike Mascarenhas
1932Yates Martin
1933Bugs Ahearn
1933John Mansfield Hayden
1934Jim 'Buck' Turner
1934Damon Welles/Jules Chautard
1935Arthur Ferguson 'Jonesy' Jones/'Killer' Mannion
1935Luis Chamalis
1936Johnny Blake
1937Daniel 'Dan' Armstrong
1937Nick 'Nicky' Donati
1937Joe Krozac
1938Remy Marco
1938Dr. Clitterhouse
1938John Lindsay
1939Edward 'Ed' Renard
1939John R. Ingram
1940Dr. Paul Ehrlich
1940Little John T. 'Johnny' Sarto
1940Paul Julius Reuter
1941'Wolf' Larsen
1941Hank 'Gimpy' McHenry
1941Bruce Corey
1942J. Chalmers 'Pressure' Maxwell
1942Avery L. 'Larry' Browne
1943Steve Boleslavski
1943Marshall Tyler
1944Capt. Bart Manson
1944Barton Keyes
1944Wilbert Winkle
1944Professor Richard Wanley
1945Martinius Jacobsen
1945Dean McWilliams
1945Christopher Cross
1946Mr. Wilson
1947Pete Morgan
1948Joe Keller
1948Johnny Rocco
1948John Triton/'The Mental Wizard'
1949Gino Monetti
1950George Constantin
1952Maurice Tillayou
1953Capt. 'Barney' Barnaby
1953John B. 'Hans' Lobert
1953Henry Hayes
1954Vincent Canelli
1955Lee Wilkison
1955Lloyd Hallett
1955Insp. Raoul Leduc
1955Victor Scott
1955Victor Amato
1956Rene Bressard
1959Mario Manetta
1960Theo Wilkins
1962Sam Lewis
1962Maurice Kruger
1963Cocky Wainwright
1963Dr. Max Stratman/Prof. Walter Stratman
1964Big Jim Stevens
1964Simon Nurdlinger
1964the Secretary of the Interior
1964Con Man
1965Lancey Howard
1967Douglas - chef C.I.A.
1967Prof. James Anders
1967Joe Ventura
1968Professor Samuels
1968Leo Joseph Smooth
1968Sir George McDowell
1969Old Adams
1973Sol Roth

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