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Can you name the words which contain every 4-letter combination of A, E, I, O and U beginning with E?

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Removal of sensitive information from a document_E_A_ _IO_
Genus of flowering Mediterranean plant_E_A_IU_
Salt or herbs used to improve the flavor of food_EA_O_I_ _
Enthusiastic; eager; fervent_EA_OU_
Draining of strength or energyE_ _AU_ _I_ _
Scale used to measure wind speed_EAU_O_ _
Referee; arbiter_E_IA_O_
Genus of plants known as sunflowers_E_IA_ _ _U_
Relating to a particular district or area_E_IO_A_
Reprehensible; hateful_EI_OU_
Land surrounded by water on the majority of its border_E_I_ _U_A
One who restores to a former state (legal)_E_ _I_U_O_
Member of a post-WWII far-right-wing group_EO-_A_I
Passage connecting the mouth to the stomach (US)E_O_ _A_U_
Girl or unmarried woman in Spanish_E_O_I_A
Large retail storeE_ _O_IU_
Adoption of a cause or principleE_ _OU_A_
Nomadic Arab_E_OUI_
Political/social system of the middle ages_EU_A_I_ _
Relating to the second planet from the Sun_E_U_IA_
Time of day and night having equal lengthE_UI_O_
Member of the administration of the EUEU_O_ _A_
Material used to make motion picture film_E_ _U_OI_

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