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Can you name the 5- to 12-letter words which contain the component parts of the name Ronald Reagan?

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Incongruity of literal and intended meaning used in satire 
Alloy with a high copper content 
(Of a disease) having long duration 
Relating to the arteries supplying blood to the heart muscle 
Person trained in spaceflight 
Thick Italian vegetable soup 
Object incorrectly placed in time 
Robotics used to give life to models or puppets 
Burn with boiling liquid 
Vulgar, bawdy or indecent speech 
Basin resulting from the collapse of a volcano 
Study relating to the design and display of coats of arms 
Sweet biscuit named after a 19th c. Italian general 
Nonsensical talk or writing 
Class of people employed in government or civil service 
Toxic water-soluble gas used in the manufacture of plastics 
Fatty part of milk 
Edible grain 
Body part containing the ulna and radius 
Members of a 1950s subculture e.g. T-Birds 
'C' in C-section 
Administrator who adheres rigidly to the rules 
Belief that the Universe originated from a divine act 
Inflammation of insulin-secreting gland 
Member of a spiritual, earth-worshipping community 
Motto; catchword 
Gracefully refined and dignified 
Hard reddish-brown wood 
Excess growth caused by a childhood pituitary disorder 
Ideas spread to deliberately harm or help a movement 
User of a long flat-bottomed snow sled 
A ghostly duplicate of a living person 

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