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Can you name the 5- to 12-letter words which contain the component parts of the name Grover Cleveland?

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Mortar used to fill masonry gaps 
Massacre of an ethnic group 
Rapid in tempo 
Small tree found in coastal swamps 
Occupies the attention of 
Area used to host a fête or exhibition 
Bands comprising notable musicians 
Fruit and vegetable retailers (brit.) 
Young eel 
Short wise saying 
Nonconformist or an unbranded calf 
Shy person 
Institution of higher education 
Craftsperson who works with Ag 
Oral communication 
Parent’s brother 
White eyeball covering 
Core of an atom 
Shackles, handcuffs 
(Of weather) rough; harsh 
Event logs; histories 
Without vehicular congestion 
Wearing eyeglasses 
Judge’s mallet 
Gracefully slender 
Olympic projectile 
Letter enclosure 
Cycling arena 
Means of supporting one’s existence 
In a covert manner 
Book adapted from film or TV 
Large Asian mammal 
Spirit distilled from wine 
Take an indirect course 
Dry scalp flakes 
Temporary beach sculpture 
Composed with pen and paper 
Seized control of 

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