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P___ D___
ABC comedy-drama or euphemism for being dead
Mechanism by which a fictional story is moved forward
Investigator who can be hired by individuals/groups
Court-appointed lawyer
1984 Tina Turner album and single
Key found on a computer keyboard
Composition for two players on keyboard instruments
Shrove Tuesday
Mechanical candy container often with a novelty design
An unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme
Gene Hackman's detective in the French Connection
Pathological respiratory condition
P___ D___
British-American horror drama television series
March 14th
Poultry dish originating in imperial era Beijing
Stage name of rapper Sean Combs
Fad involving eating food available to stone-age humans
Part of the universe which co-exists alongside this one
Raw flatbread before it's topped with cheese and tomato
Tyrion Lannister actor
Award given to artists selling over one million albums
Glitter-like substance allowing humans to fly in Peter Pan
Variety of German spoken by the Amish

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