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Banded siliceous rockA
Accumulation of sediments between high and low tide marksB
Porous rock composed of the mineral calciteC
Material transported and deposited by glaciersD
Division of geologic time shorter than a periodE
Glacial valley flooded by the seaF
Wall built to limit the movement of sediment carried by longshore currents (US spelling)G
Dark part of soil from the decay of organic matterH
Type of fossil used to date the strata in which it is foundI
Surface of fracture in rock without parallel displacementJ
Landscape formed by action of ground water on soluble rocksK
Bank of sand and silt built by incremental depositionL
Molten rock containing dissolved gases and solid particlesM
Sheet of rock thrust some distance from its original positionN
Landform created by an abandoned meanderO
Rigid segment of the Earth’s lithosphereP
___carbon; method for dating an object containing organic materialR
Seismic ripple which follows its primary counterpartS
Deposit at the base of a cliff formed by falling debrisT
Annual layer of sedimentationV
___ Table; surface beneath which rocks/soil are saturatedW
Tributary stream blocked by [L]s which flows alongside a river before enventually joiningY
Section of sandstone gorge in Kalbarri National Park popular with touristsZ

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