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Can you name the country from the clue to its IOC Code?

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ClueCountryIOC Code
Abbreviation of the day of the week whose name derives from Earth's only natural satellite
Name for a young bear
Abbreviation used by veterans to describe a country or the war fought there from 1955-75
First name of Mr Fawkes, executed for his part in the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605
A bubble of lather or foam
An act regarded as morally wrong
Acronym of a widely used lossless image compression format
Homophone of 'beady eye'
Prohibit or forbid
SI unit of illuminance taking its name from the Latin word for light
Greek god of nature sharing his name with a type of cooking vessel
Scottish soft drink; Irn-___
Undergarment usually comprising cups and straps
Unit of thermal resistance commonly used to measure the insulating qualities of duvets
First name of Homer Simpson's left-handed neighbour
Not or
ClueCountryIOC Code
One third of the name of a Latin American dance, or a slang word for tea
To turn animal skin into leather, or the ultimate goal of sunbathing
Interjection commonly associated with Ebenezer Scrooge
Spoil or disfigure
Preserve made from boiling fruit with sugar and water
Insect of the family Formicidae
Fictional on-off boyfriend of toy fashion doll Barbie
Anagram of a general term for headwear
First word of the Spanish phrase meaning 'please'
Anagram of the Nigerian IOC code
One of the Dodecanese group of Greek islands
French word seen at the end of old films, or part of a fish
Forename of the actor best known for his work in The Fast and the Furious film series
1615 painting by Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens; Daniel in the Lions' ___
Score in golf that is two shots worse than an eagle
Main river flowing through Cambridge, UK

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